Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dakota Christmas 2007

...still don't have much to say... been really bummed out. As I said on my profile I was raised by two great parents and have wonderful siblings and still miss one terribly. So, I was raised to watch over the little ones and probably considered too protective. I got hurt mentally and emotionally by a big one of a little one for no apparent reason. It's tough giving your all to someone and then being disappointed and let down. It's difficult to imagine myself the monster I've been described. Am I lying about what happened? No, but someone else sure is spreading lies. Do I sound bitter? Maybe. Do I sound angry? Maybe. Do I sound upset? You bet! Am I crazy to write this here? NO. So, tonight I leave this blog only to say, I Am Dakota's Nana and always will be!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My First Blog - June 3, 2008

Hi All, this is my first blog... don't have much time here to publish much, but will write more later... Happy June!